About David Langstroth

I grew up in Rockingham.  My father inherited a house on the Bedford Highway in 1969 and I went to the little school on Tremont Drive for the next 9 years.  Later I went to Halifax West High School, when it used to be located in Fairview.  At some point I developed a love of music, and after high school I won a scholarship to study music at McGill University in Montreal.  My instrument was the double bass.  Following this passion, and with a lot of ambition I then won an award to study in London, UK, with one of the greatest players in the world at that time.  Within a year I was working full time as a musician with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales.  It was a fabulous job; we toured the world, played concerts for thousands of people and made many recordings.

However, something in me always felt the need to come home.  We are blessed here with an ocean almost everywhere you look.  We have forests and lakes, a diverse and thriving population, a dynamic university community and lots of space.  After nearly 20 years with the BBC I returned to Nova Scotia.  I started my Real Estate career as an agent with EXIT Realty Metro where I won the Captain’s Club Award.  It was only a matter of time before I set out with my own Brokerage and my own vision.

About House Maestro Realty

In the world of the symphony orchestra the conductor is the person who takes charge of the whole performance.  Although they do not directly make any sound, they lead all the other musicians, controlling every nuance of speed and balance, communicating their interpretation to the instrumentalists and singers, and bringing each person into the performance exactly when they are needed.  The very best conductors, who can skillfully manage this challenge, are referred to respectfully as “Maestro”.

A Real Estate transaction is similar in some ways; it has its own layers of complexity.  A good agent must be aware of all the moving parts, coordinating the various professionals involved, predicting the problems before they arise and communicating to everyone with timely clarity.  The best agents in this realm might also be referred to as “Maestros”,  This is the high bar that is set in establishing this Brokerage with the name “House Maestro Realty”.  It reflects values of expertise, precision, hard work and commitment.  

House Maestro Realty specializes in residential purchases and sales.  If you are interested in buying or selling commercial property we can refer you to a specialist in another Brokerage.  We are always concerned that you get the very best representation for your Real Estate needs.

Lots of people talk about customer service.  We really mean it.